Did You Know That Bradenton Rocks?

The Greenlee family have started their own tradition in which they paint a rock, leave whatever message or design they please on that rock, and then hide it. These rocks can be found all over Bradenton if you look hard enough. The family’s goal for this little project is to bring a smile to those who find these rocks and to hopefully brighten their days. So far they have received a lot of positive feedback. The Greenlee family even has their own Facebook page for their project called “Bradenton Rocks”. On the back of each rock it is encouraged that whoever may find one of the many hidden rocks should share it to the page. What started as something that affected Manatee county locally has touched people all over, including people from “Colorado, North Carolina and Germany” according to BayNews9. This kind gesture the Greenlee family has started has begun to catch on and now people all around Manatee County have gotten involved by painting and hiding their own rocks. If you happen to find a hidden “Bradenton Rock” make sure you share it to the FaceBook page “Brandenton Rocks” and spread the positivity!