Gabriella Tutera, Wrestler On Fire

Palmetto High School has something not many other schools have: a female wrestler. Gabriella Tutera is a sophomore at Palmetto High and had always dreamed of wrestling. Once she reached high school, she decided to turn that dream into a reality. Her father, Gino Tutera, had always been a huge inspiration to her. He competes in MMA and also helps coach the Palmetto wrestling team. Being the only girl on the team and one of the only girls in the county to wrestle, she faced many challenges. Through these difficult times, it was her father that motivated her to continue even though she found the sport extremely difficult at first. Tutera has continued to wrestle through several injuries as well. These include two black eyes (one for each eye), a broken knuckle, a few broken fingers, and even finished the season after having surgery midseason.

During the last preseason tournament, Tutera suffered a major injury during her first match breaking a knuckle along with two fingers. Despite sustaining these injuries, Tutera continued to compete in the next 4 matches. After a total of five matches, Tutera managed to place first in the girls division and fourth in boys. Gabriella showed that she truly does have the heart of a champion and is the definition of perseverance. Despite suffering all these injuries and hardships throughout the years, Tutera continues to grow stronger and prove that she is a formidable opponent to anyone; both male and female.