Spotify and Hulu’s New Relationship

According to their company blog, music streaming service Spotify will offer a complimentary Hulu subscription to members of Spotify Premium. Hulu, a TV and movie streaming service that recently reduced their monthly subscription price to $5.99 in response to competitor Netflix‘s price hike. Additionally Spotify and Hulu’s joint plan, (formerly $12.99) has had a price drop to $9.99, but Spotify Premium members are eligible to claim a free Hulu subscription on Spotify’s website until June 10th. It’s not entirely clear if signing up for the free Hulu subscription is intended to be a simpler alternative to signing up for the joint plan for the same price, or if the deal is just an expansion of Spotify and Hulu’s existing partnership. Either way, Spotify has made it ridiculously easy for Spotify Premium members to get access to their own Hulu subscription for no extra price. All you have to do is click this link, (or go to Spotify’s website on your own) press the big pink button that says “Get Hulu Free,” and then fill in whatever you want to be your Hulu password. Voila! now you can get your own Hulu account for free, provided that you have a Spotify Premium account. Enjoy!