Fix Our Bathrooms

I am really getting tired of having to walk to building 6 to use the girls restroom when my class is in building 11 and there is a bathroom right outside the building. Fifth period building 10 girls restroom has been locked for the past week or so because students have been trashing it or smoking inside.

In all honesty it is not cute for you to go and smoke in school bathrooms. It does not make you cool because picture this, “OOOO I did not go to any of my classes because I wanted to smoke in the bathroom.” That is not cool nor smart. Why don’t you just stay home from school and do all your delinquent activities. You are really making every girl mad that needs to go to the bathroom while they are in building 10 and 11!

But it gets worse, believe it or not. Everyone has to go to the building 6 bathrooms, so there is a huge line before, during and after class. Let me remind you there are only four stalls in the bathroom and there is about 10 people standing in a line. There has not been a day when every stall is supplied with toilet paper or even cleaned. I went in there yesterday and the first stall had toilet paper but no one wanted to go in it because there was wet dirt every where inside of the stall. Then the third stall has a lock but someone painted or glued it to where the lock no longer slides. It is stuck. Therefore, if you do not have someone to hold the door then I would not recommend using that stall. The biggest stall/handicapped stall is the “hang out stall” apparently. It is where multiple girls stand around and smoke their Juul and blow their smoke up so everyone can see how cool they are. Last time I checked I am pretty sure it is one person to a stall.

Second of all, our bathrooms are so unsanitary because all the students do is trash it. We already got our paper towel rights revoked and sometimes a girl will become a little too angry and push the hand dryer button too hard and break it. There is never soap in any of the bathrooms. If there is soap, the soap dispenser is messed up and the soap won’t come out or it is pouring out onto the counter making an even bigger mess. Most students do not even go to the bathroom because they are so scared of the experience they may have if they do. I do not understand why they get so destroyed by the students at this school but it is getting out of hand!


The admin is at work.