An Open Letter to Adults.

Dear Adults,

I understand that sometimes people think connecting to teenagers can be difficult. However, some of us do have social skills and are capable of discussing something other than college. As a high school senior, I cannot think of one time I have been out of my house in the last seven months where I was not asked, “Where are you going next year?”, or “What do you want to do?”. Here is the thing with asking about college, if it is before March, we most likely do not know where we are going! I appreciate the fact that you are concerned and want to know details about my life, but please do not look concerned when I tell you that I do not know where I am going. Most importantly, do not pass judgement or tell my that when you were talking to your neighbor she told you that her dog walker’s brothers wife’s cousin Dave has already been accepted somewhere. It will just add to the stress and uncertainty of senior year I understand that sometimes the only topic that people can think of to talk about is college, so I have compiled a list of  acceptable other conversation starters.

How is your senior year going? Have you seen any good movies lately? What is your favorite thing you have done this year? Are you excited for Christmas? How are your friends? Really anything that does not involve the words college, plans, or future.

I am trying my hardest. I am obsessively checking my email ever hour just to see if there is something from an admissions department. I am nervous, I am stressed, I am having a mental breakdown every Tuesday night around eight, and I am a senior in high school. Please, on behalf of all of us, if we know where we are going, we will tell you ourselves.


An extremely stressed high school senior.


The admin is at work.