Knives Slice Through Laws

Gun laws have begun to strengthen and make it difficult for death and crimes to occur with guns in play. Even with gun laws making it tougher for crimes to occur with them, there is still a lot happening. Now more crimes are happening with an old weapon that really does not have laws to stop it. Deaths and crimes are involving more knives than before and many argue that its also protected by the second amendment. The worst of it is that it is gaining momentum and is becoming a more serious issue.

Weapon bans have been a major priority due to multiple shootings that have occurred with serious fatalities such as the Parkland and the Las Vegas Shootings that happened a little over a year ago. Although guns are the No. 1 leading cause of homicides in the nation, knives are coming in second. According to FBI records, there is about 1,600 knife fatalities a year, while handguns alone stand at 7,100 annually.

However, people seem to stray from the fact that even with all the guns involved in so many deaths, knives are just silently lingering without having much attention when they still cause a lot of damage. Mass stabbings occur as well, but just never receive as much attention. According to the Washington Post, in 2014, a 16-year-old student had wounded 21 people at a high school in Pittsburgh using a knife and in 2017, someone allegedly killed two people and injured another with a knife at a train station in Portland, Oregon. Its shocking to know that this does not get the same attention as shootings and how the mass stabbing in 2014 was done by a teenager, which shows how age does not seem to be a problem.

Most of these problems are due to the lack of state recognition with knife laws. Since 2010, twenty-one states have repealed or weakened their knife laws with one of the states being Texas and it was just after having a high-profile stabbing death days before.  It is even worse since knife rights have little financial backing and therefore can work in the dark without anyone even knowing. Some organizations have tried to take action such as an agency who proposed adding an act called “spring-assisted knives” to the Federal Switchblade Act which would hurt sales of pocketknives that only require one hand. Knives may not have as much of an impact as guns do now, but if tougher gun laws become reality and less deaths occur with guns then knives stay untouched. People may turn to knives to start causing damage again and there is no telling how long that could take to stop if it begins.