The Scariest Haunted House Ever

Imagine what it is like to sign your life away all for a simple test of will. Sounds crazy right? Not to the people that enter the McKamey Manor haunted house, although the term “haunted house” is quite misleading. Everything about this place is real, down to every last cut and bruise you will receive from McKamey Manor. There is no safe words once you enter the experience, yet not a single person has been able to finish the entire night. Every person to enter the house has been screaming begging to be released by the four hour mark. Nobody knows how much worse the house could get as you start to get through the end of the eight hour experience. One encounter was with a veteran marine and his adrenaline junkie friend who had to be medically escorted out of the house as they both became unresponsive and went into shock during their time in the house. While there have been no deaths here, there are countless physical and emotional injuries given to all participants including broken fingers.

The first part of the process, to even be deemed eligible for this experience, is the waiver and interview process. Only two people per week receive an invite to go through the house totaling at just over 100 participants per year. Considering that the waiting list is 27,000 people, it is safe to say that it is extremely selective about who can go in. The process to be able to go through the house is a seven step process. For starters, you must be 21 years of age or older. You have to be able to give a sports physical stating that you are physically and mentally strong and stable. There is even a background check where you Skype the owner of McKamey Manor. If he sees you fit then you must sign a 10 page waiver where you must agree that if you died or receive serious injury, you are not allowed to sue them. You agree to be force fed, beaten, buried alive in a coffin, and you can even come out bald. On the day that you arrive for your experience you must pass a drug test before you enter the house.

What makes this place so horrific is that it not only physically breaks you, it psychologically breaks you as well. Throughout the screening process you are required to list your worst fears. This way the house is tailored to target your specific fears. When workers of this house were interviewed it’s been blatantly stated that they genuinely enjoy their job and find enjoyment in breaking people down. Due to this, major concerns have been raised that these people do not know how to properly tell when people have truly met their breaking point. Although sometimes you get pushed past your breaking point. In the waivers there’s an option to sign up for the “full experience” that allows the workers to keep you inside the house despite your request to leave. Force feeding and drinking is very common at McKamey Manor and due to the contract you signed there isn’t a thing you can do about it.

Even though you’ll undoubtedly leave with multiple cuts, bruises, and psychological trauma; you get to leave with the peace of mind that the money you spent for the experience goes 100% towards charity. Although this place seems cruel and unforgiving, after they remove you from the house, they take you to a calm room and give you water and a blanket to help you calm down and recover from what you just went through.