Grand Winner of Mega Million

After a month of no winners for the Mega Million rolling over making the grand prize bigger and bigger to 1.6 billion dollars. This is the largest lottery jackpot ever in history. There has officially been just a single winner for the 1.6 billion jackpot. The winning ticket was sold at KC Mart in Simpsonville, South Carolina, yet, that person has not gone to claim their jackpot. South Carolina is one out of 8 of states where any lottery winner does not have to announce who they are, therefore the world may never know who won the biggest mega million jackpot in history. But that person has 160 days to claim their jackpot.

After taxes are taken out that person will be receiving about $878 million dollars.

For the store owner who sold the winning ticket, he is receiving $50,000. He plans on sharing the money with his other employees.

There is a total of 36 winners who won a million dollars, 2 winners for the megaplier that won 3 million dollars, 419 winners for 10,000 dollars, and 51 megaplier winners for 30,000 dollars.