An Abundance of Homecoming Representatives

The first meeting for the homecoming representatives kicked of this week with over 40 students running. That’s right out of the 501 seniors and approximately 28 sports and clubs combined, over 40 of those seniors will be showing off their sashes starting October 8th. You will expect to receive tons of flyers to be given to everyone and Snapchat campaigning for the next two weeks while our school is celebrating homecoming.

Question is, how are there so many homecoming reps when there are not that many clubs and sports? As new clubs are entering their forms to become a certified club on campus in the past weeks, such as A.V Club, it only expands the representatives running for homecoming court. This year, it will be a challenge for the reps running all against each other to make top 6 for court and it will not be easy. Some of the representatives wonder if their should be a limit for the amount of clubs running. But other students feel that it would be unfair. Narrowing down all the reps to 6 girls and 6 boys for homecoming court is the only way to make this election easy.

Voting will take place during second period Friday, October 12th, and nominees will most likely be announced that afternoon. Voting for Homecoming King and Queen will take place the following Friday, October 19th. Candy and posters are prohibited for campaigning, but stickers and social media posts are allowed. Good luck to all those running!


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