Californian Couple’s Dark Past Catching Up to Them

Grant Robicheaux was an orthopedic surgeon who lived in Newport Beach, California. He starred on the TV network Bravo’s brief lasting show called “Online Dating Rituals of the American Male” in 2014. On his first date with one of the women, she showed disinterest in him suggesting that “there might be some dark skeletons in that closet.” She sure was right.

Grant’s girlfriend, Cerissa Riley, and him played out their routine that they shared to lure women. They would use his charm to get at least two women to his apartment, drug them and then the couple would sexually assault them. The two would pick most of their victims up at either parties or bars, very public scenes. They then would proceed to drug the women to the point of complete unconsciousness, then the two would take woman back to Robicheaux’s apartment and assault them.

Investigators on Robicheaux’s case believe that there are way more than the two victims that are known. Investigators believe there are hundreds of women who’ve been a pawn in their sick game. They discovered possibly more than 1,000 videos of women being assaulted, all of whom looked to be “past their point of consent,” according to the Washington Post. The couple has been denying any allegations that have come up against them.

The first couple of victums came forward in 2016. They told their two different stories, both very similar, of how the two lured her in with the surgeon’s handsome appearance and then drugged her to the point of unconsciousness, then proceeded to sexually assault them. Meeting women at bars isn’t their only tactic, they also have been believed to use online dating apps as well. More women have come forward after the case had been publicized. It has been reported by prosecutors that at least one male has spoken up about being an alleged victim. Many other unidentified victims are believed to still be out there. If charged, Robicheaux will face up to 40 years while Riley will face 30 years and 8 months. The case is still on going as of now.