Lunch Line Crunch Time

With the new year comes new problems. Overcrowding of the  school has lead to slower lunches lines and kids not getting to eat their food. It seems as if there is not enough time to get through lunch with the surplus of people all along the walls. Although, this is a very avoidable problem. There is a heavily disregarded third line, better known as the “express line” in the lunch room. The express line goes down the middle of the cafeteria and may be overlooked by those that do not know about it. The express line consists of: burgers, chicken sandwiches, pizza, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

“We just want to get everyone through as fast as possible,” said Cafeteria manager, Ms. Pardy.

The cafeteria is designed for speed, although throughout the masses of people it may be hard to believe. The express line is directly down the middle of the cafeteria and to go through it you don’t have to wait in the long lines around the sides of the cafeteria. You’re supposed to go directly through the middle to go through the express line and only the express line. Utilizing this third line will drastically help the lunch issue.

On a side note, Ms. Pardy would like to let everyone know that free and reduced lunch enrollment from last year is about to roll off. There is currently around 350 kids that need to reinstate themselves by either filling out the form online, found on the palmetto high website, or by going and seeing Ms. Pardy. This needs to be done by Friday 9/21. Also a reminder that every morning there is free breakfast and Monday-Thursday there is free food after school. Finally, if there is anything wrong with your food or you have a complaint you can take it up with Ms. Pardy and she’ll be glad to help.