“The Nun”: A Thorough Disappointment

On Friday night, September 7th, the fourth and possibly final movie in the Conjuring series was released. The Nun made its first appearance at the beginning of summer 2018 and grew quickly throughout the horror movie community. While The Nun is the fourth movie to come out in the series of Conjuring movies, it is actually the prequal for the series. All summer long, the trailer was blasted throughout social media and on tv, showing a terrifying nun in the halls of an abandoned abbey in Romania. Watching the trailer after dark was scary enough to give you nightmares and restrict your sleeping that night.

The main character, Sister Irene, goes along with Father Burke to Romania to inspect the death of a fellow nun who hung herself outside of the abbey. When they get there they discover that an evil spirit has infested the abbey and does not plan on letting anyone leave alive. Sister Irene and Father Burke must team up with a local farmhand, called Frenchie, to defeat the evil nun with as little casualties as possible. What none of them know is the mind controlling power that the nun can have over them and her ability to manipulate each character based on their own fears. The only way the nun can be defeated is by the blood of Jesus Christ which is stored somewhere in the walls of the abbey.

It is sad to say that the movie was not near as scary as it seemed based on the previews. There were many jump scares that included objects popping out at you on the screen, but the overall plot of the movie was not scary. It was hard to get scared when the plot was unrealistic. Frenchie was put in the movie solely to be humorous and make jokes to relieve the intenseness of some scenes. You were sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time waiting for something terrible to happen to the characters, but sadly, the ending was predictable and short. I wouldn’t go out of my way to see this movie, but if you have been waiting all summer then prepare to be disappointed.