Drive Slower or Get Pulled Over

This week, Palmetto has been slower than usual and that’s not a joke. Palmetto High School has partnered up with the Palmetto Police Department in hopes of making the roads around the Palmetto community safer. Starting on Monday, August 27th, the PPD began handing out traffic citations for speeding down 10th street right out of the gates to the student parking lot. They are also ticketing students that speed through the parking lot in the morning. People have been getting tickets all week and it’s started to reflect how student drivers respond to traffic regulations. Speeding tickets in  a school zone are double the original fine. Coach Wilkes and Mr. Fernandes have stood outside the gates every morning trying to keep the parking lot safe for drivers and even pedestrians by warning kids of their speed. As of September 5th, 2018, the Palmetto High School student resource officer is now standing out at the gate enforcing the rules even more. Moral of this story is to slow your roll before you get in some real trouble.


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