Sign Ban for Friday Night Lights

Last week was rivalry week as our Palmetto Tigers faced the Manatee Hurricanes. It was arguably the biggest week for both teams, and apparently both crowds too. Knowing that we have a long history among each other, our administrators took charge of a potentially threatening sign war among the student sections. Both the high schools’ administration had a call out to inform students of what they could or could not bring into the game, with a list including: bookbags, dufflebags, confetti cannons, and of course, inappropriate signs. With the signs, they wanted to make sure no personal comments were being put on them, like past relationships with students at opposing schools, current relationships with students, and also families members of the players. Both schools respectfully followed the wishes of administration and kept the game civil.

Unfortunately, our Palmetto Tigers lost to the Hurricanes 20-29 which makes both team (1-1). Do not forget to  come support your Tigers at Harlee Stadium this week as we face off against the Riverview Rams. LETS GO TIGERS!