Saying Hello to the New Town: Miracle Whip, Florida

The small town of Mayo, Florida, with a resident count of only about 1,500 people has partnered with the Miracle Whip brand for an entertaining marketing strategy. The town changed their name to Miracle Whip in order to bring attention to the location and the Kraft Heinz dressing product.

“We aren’t going to be boring Mayo anymore. We are going to be Miracle Whip! I definitely think this will put us on the map,” said Mayor Ann Murphy.

Kraft plans to capture videos of residents talking about the name change and swapping out the mayonnaise in their refrigerators with Miracle Whip. In doing so, the town will receive up to $25,000 in beautification funds.

Although this is only temporary, it still adds a sense of humor to the sometimes dark world we live in, and it will help improve the town of Mayo!


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