Trendy Name Bracelets Take Over PHS

Do you have a bracelet with your name on it? Or a phrase? If not, you need to get one. They are one of the hottest trends going on right now at Palmetto High School. Everyone has them, including girls and guys. The reason for them is to wear a bracelet that has your favorite color or a color you are very found about. Along with your name, a phrase, a letter. Really anything you could think of that relates to you.

The most popular right now is putting your name or your significant others name. You can only fit so many letters around your wrist with the colored beads. Therefore you can not have huge words expressed and still get the point across.

“You can wear them with any outfit because they are cute and add a pop of color to every outfit,” said Junior Mikinzi Jackson.

They are known to be homemade. The negative is they are not the cheapest bracelets around. You have to buy the string for the bracelet, plus the letter beads, and also the colored beads. All together it is estimated around $45.oo. The positive aspect is several people around the school make them and do not charge you for them. Go the cheapest route to get in style and ask a friend.

“They are homemade bracelets that I can customize,” said Senior Ashley Price.

If you do not own one of these bracelets then you are out of style.


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