Happy World Ocean’s Day… I guess. (A Rant)

Who doesn’t love a nice swim at the beach during a beautiful sunset? Or how about a wonderful sea food platter that makes your mouth water at the mere sight? Thank the ocean. June 8th since 1992 has become unofficially World Ocean’s Day, many don’t celebrate it, it’s not a federal holiday, no one gets the day off, so why should people care?

Why should people care about the ocean anyway? What’s it done for you anyway? It’s just an overs sized puddle of some salty water that spans across the globe, with a couple of fish and cute dolphins and whales in it with a handful of sea turtles thrown in. We can go see them any time at one of the local aquariums. Only, within the next coming years, that may be the only place you can find those magnificent creatures.

By 2050 it is estimated their will be more pounds of trash in the ocean than fish. Hows that for sushi? That’s just it too, mercury levels and pollutants in the fish will be too high in concentration it would be safer to lick the floors of building 37’s bathrooms than to consume a fish caught from the pacific ocean. Neither are exactly excellent choices.

Still though that’s way in the future, why should I care? Well breathing is nice, air on the occasion when it’s fresh, you know, when people do get out of their homes, its nice. Smells good(hopefully) and keeps you alive(also hopefully). Where does the majority of that air come from? Trees? Nope. 70% of the Earth’s oxygen comes from marine plants, funny because roughly 70% of the world is covered by water- oh. Yeah. And do you know what we are doing to our most important source of oxygen? Spoiler: it’s not good. Mostly we are ignoring it’s importance, blissfully under appreciating it, oh, and constantly and excessively polluting it and treating it as the world’s largest trash disposal.

It’s fine, everything is fine, except, you know, when it’s not, because it isn’t. 4.8 million tons of plastic thrown into the ocean every year isn’t fine. It’s not even okay, the funny part is it could be as high as 12.7 million tons. in the end that plastic doesn’t dissolve, it doesn’t magically go away the moment you watch it float away as if it were some volleyball you gave a face and some straw hair to(which is also pollution… thanks Tom Hanks.) No, instead that plastic ends up in the stomach of a cute little whale or dolphin, or in the lungs of a friendly little sea turtle, long story short, plastic ends up where it isn’t supposed to end up. The result? Horrible horrible death to whatever cute little animal got entangled in it, choked by it, or poisoned by it, all because someone didn’t want to walk an extra two feet to the recycling bin.

So, happy World Oceans Day! May you have found a new appreciation for the largest source of biodiversity on the planet, maybe you still don’t care, and that’s fine. Except it’s not. The main premise is just in the end, appreciating something enough to take care of it in the end makes the planet a better place. As far as I’m aware we only have one(you know, until you can fly off to Mars and slowly start killing that planet too). But no, instead on this unofficial holiday be all means celebrate World Ocean’s day by go seeing Ocean’s 8… So next time your at the beach enjoying a swim or just working on your tan, maybe, just maybe, pick up that piece of plastic that is surely going to outlive you. Give it a piece of your mind as you throw it into a recycling bin, congrats, you probably saved a whale or something. Yay.



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