University of South Florida Reunites to Make Stronger Impact in Community

The University of South Florida(USF) system includes three separately accredited universities, The University of South Florida in Tampa, The University of South Florida in Saint Petersburg, and The University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee in Sarasota. Traditionally ever since USF St. Petersburg formed its own campus the universities have all offered separate diploma’s even since 2004. Though the Florida House of Representatives has made the move to pass a new bill that would put an end to separate systems within the state of Florida.

This could be see as good news for many upcoming USF student’s as they will no longer have to reapply to move from campus to campus and wait for acceptance letters as they transfer. Instead the student’s upon acceptance into the universities will graduate with degrees from The University of South Florida, no matter what campus they attended the majority of the time during their college careers. This also means that student’s will more easily have access to resources from campus to campus. Or rather, funds will be more fairly devided among once separate, now united universities… or so this is what Florida’s House of Representatives hopes to accomplish.

However, naturally with every political move backlash will, and has occurred from students currently attending classes at differing campuses. The issue being that, even if united, Tampa, as the main USF campus, will dominate over the majority of the funding going towards USF. Meaning, that the smaller Sarasota-Manatee and St. Petersburg campuses will be at the mercy of Tampa’s ‘generosity’. Many worry about the cost of tuition rising, campus sizes, housing, and whether their will be a disruption in the student to teacher ratio. Respectively in the past student’s have applied to which ever campus better suited their needs or preferences, such as, small class sizes or one campus offering more classes for a student’s intended major. Now however, some may feel a disconnect among the school as it grows it could become less personal. In the end only time will tell how USF plans to adopt to these changes.

By summer of 2020 separate accreditation among USF campuses would come to an end by the House Bill 423. Within the coming year, 2019, USF has plans to withdraw separate accreditation entirely and unite the universities.