Paranormal Cirque Brings Fear Entertainment to Manatee County

The paranormal cirque is located in Palmetto right before the Bridge. It is a huge black tent, two to be specific. They perform afternoon and evening shows but in order to see them you have to go online and reserve your seat. There are hundreds of seats to choose from but they sell out fast. I would not recommend sitting in the front row unless you want to be apart of the show or be nagged on by the cast members throughout the evening.

I would recommend arriving an hour before show time because the line is completely insane. My mom and I arrived 45 mins before show time and the line was wrapped around the tree along the road. Right when you walk in the concession stand is there for your pre-show snacks and drinks.

As you continue to walk past the concession stand there is another tent you have to walk through. It is a dark tent. You can not see anything besides the smoke in the air and people running frantically everyone trying to get away from the guy dressed in all black running around scaring everyone in sight with a chainsaw. I was terrified, I was so close to bailing out and going home. I made a run for it and bolted to my seat. There was no turning back now.

As the time got closer to showtime it got extremely dark and a clown appeared. A MIDGET CLOWN!! The show started and it was everything I thought it would be. There were multiple acts throughout the night. It had a slow start but it was well worth sitting in  a black tent for two hours. The ending was outstanding with an older guy trying to jump rope while trying to walk around on a spinning wheel in the air. I would highly recommend going to see this show, BUT I do not recommend bringing younger children to watch. It is a little explicit. Overall I would rate the show a 10/10.


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