The Royal Wedding: Creating a New Tradition

With nearly 2 billion watchers, the Royal Wedding earned its status as the most important wedding of the century. Patient fans lined the streets as Meghan Markle rode by in a vintage Rolls Royce accompanied by the only family that she had at the wedding, her mother. When Meghan arrived at St. George’s Chapel, the crowd and attentive watchers worldwide held their breath as she stepped graciously out. Upon exiting the car, the highly anticipated dress was revealed to the world. Meghan wore a simple and understated off the shoulder dress designed by Givenchy, with a price tag of around $300,000.

The ceremony itself was filled with love and compassion that was reportedly felt in the room. The internet went wild with videos of Prince Harry saying that Meghan looked amazing and how he was lucky to have her. Their displays of affection were not only heartwarming, but a genuine show of the power of love.

The wedding was not just a show of love, but a representation of the new age of British royalty. Aspects of Black culture were plentiful and consistent. The preacher was not one of the Catholic church or the Vatican, but an African American man that is the head of the Episcopal church. His sermon was chosen by the royal couple and spoke about the testament of love and how powerful it can be. The choir was also black, and sang “Stand by Me.” This song was fitting for the occasion because it has deep roots in the civil rights movement. The audience was captivated by the melody and their heavenly voices, as was Harry and Meghan.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds displayed a kiss on the steps of the church which not only solidified their union, but solified them into our hearts.