Santa Fe High School Shooting-10 killed and 13 injured

May 18th was a normal Friday for most of us, but it was not for Santa Fe High School located just outside of Houston, Texas. Around 7:30 a 17-year-old man by the name Dimitrios Pagourtzis starting shooting in the art building at Santa Fe High School. There has so far been 10 people confirmed dead, nine students and one teacher, and thirteen people wounded, one of them being the school police officer.

The young man took two of his fathers’ guns, one is a .38 revolver and the other being a shotgun. The father had no recollection of his son taking the two guns. The father also owned both of the guns legally.

Authorities also found explosive devices in the high school and in adjacent areas, said Walter Braun, Santa Fe Independent School District police chief. It wasn’t immediately clear if any of the explosive devices detonated.

This is the 22nd school shooting in the United States since the beginning of the year, and this is the 3rd instance of a gunman being on a school campus in eight days.