Mrs. Bennett Bounces Back (A Road to Recovery)

Palmetto High School has an amazing staff! Amongst the amazing staff are astonishing teachers; one of these teachers being Mrs.Bennett. Velma Bennett is one of Palmetto High’s Social Studies teachers. Earlier this year, she was diagnosed with pre-cancer cells. Due to this diagnosis, she was told she’d be receiving surgery. Originally, the surgery was supposed to be an out-patient surgery, but was later told she’d have to stay in the hospital. The road to recovery was going to be difficult. The recovery is supposed to take a minimum of six weeks; however, in order to fully heal it a minimum of six months to a full year.

“I bounced back! Being out for school felt like being out for summer. Going through a process like this, you definitely learn to appreciate life, ” says Velma Bennett.

Palmetto High and its students are so happy to have Mrs. Bennett back and are astonished with how amazing her recovery has been! Thank you so much for having such an earnest heart and attitude, coming back as soon as you could! Palmetto loves you!