Graduation without Grad Tickets

Seniors are given six graduation tickets to give to their family. They come to an issue every year where six tickets is not nearly enough. Everyone wants to invite their whole family including their aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas. They have been their for them their whole life and watched them through their success. Obviously they want to invite them to watch one of their biggest moments of their life besides getting married.

There is a list students can sign to get more tickets but it is first come, first serve. They have to write down how many tickets they need. Sometimes that number will get matched and sometimes it is not near the number they recommended. There are times where six is a good amount but there are multiple families who need more then six tickets to share among their friends, family, an significant others.

Everyone understands there are only so many people who can fit in the Bradenton Convention Center. This does not mean family members should be missing out on their daughter, niece, nephew, or cousins graduation.

Under classmen like Katlyn Guy want to attend graduation and watch their best friend or significant other graduate. It is becoming more difficult as the years go on.

“It is annoying because when you have been with someone for so long, you obviously wanna watch them walk across the stage into the next chapter of their lives and it makes it difficult when people are just getting 6 tickets,” said Junior Katlyn Guy

It should be first come, first serve. There are many constrictions on getting extra grad ticket. It stresses seniors out for them to have to make a choice of who they should give their tickets to.





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