Shakespearean Tragedy or Marvel Movie?: Infinity War (Spoilers)

                   *************SPOILER ALERT***********************

If you have not already seen Marvel’s latest production Infinity War, it is likely you already know what happens, since all of your friends already gave you the Russo brother’s hit-list. Any modern day Marvel hero or heroine you can think of is in at least five minutes of this throw-down (shout out to Loki).

The movie starts off with Sneakerface- Thanos- attempting to find all six of the universe’s infinity stones in order to rid of half of its population (do not even ask what they are or where they come from if you are not a super fan because you will not find out). He travels through multiple planets shown in previous films as he destroys cities and wipes them clean of life until he finds them. The movie includes tons of witty comments, like Iron Man calling one of Thanos’ minions “Squidward”, every Marvel fan’s favorite parts. The film however, is not your typical good guy bad guy story line, because in the end it is not all resolved. This leaves many of the company’s followers surprised and extremely emotionally distressed (especially when your “friendly neighborhood Spider Man” is now your friendly neighborhood dust bunny).

Overall, Infinity War is more action packed than Disney’s Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Hannah Montana, and That’s So Raven mashup. The film does not go ten minutes without at least one person getting punched in the face by a giant piece of metal or getting stabbed by an unexpected sword. You can catch a few of the same faces from the first time you saw it back in the theater a week later with their innocent friends. It is definitely successful in keeping every one in the theater on the edge of their seats up until the very last scene hidden after the ending credits, hinting towards an introduction of Captain Marvel, who is likely to bring back most if not all of the fallen characters.


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