McDonald’s Worth a Mustang

This past week, Palmetto High School participated in a fund-raising event where students and staff test drove luxury cars in order to raise money for the school. However, this normally boring exercise around in circles was given an interesting     twist when one of the cars , a Mustang,  disappeared for longer than usual. PHS students Viridiana Gonzalez and Ulysses Resendez were the students behind the cars disappearance.

               “Viridiana and I went to go test drive the mustang, but she didn’t have her license, so we decided to go together. I asked (coach) Marino what we needed to do. He said fill out these papers and just drive the car. Well, when I think about test-driving I think just taking the car out. So, when we got to the opening in the gate, we just drove out. We drove out towards McDonald’s and thought we might as well stop and get something. After that, we went to Sutton Park to take pictures and then came straight back. Almost as soon as I stepped out of the car, there was a police officer there arresting me.  He basically told me that I was going to go to jail and ruin my life because I supposedly stole a car. I didn’t even kn0w that what I was doing was that bad; I was just trying to test-drive the car. I waited in the office while administration decided what should happen to us. In the end, they told us that we would just get one day of in school suspension for being off campus during school hours because apparently this wasn’t the first time someone had taken one of the cars off campus,” said Ulysses Resendez.

In the end, everything turned out fine. The car was not really stolen and Ulysses and Viridiana got McDonald’s in the process. This crazy story just leaves you to think: how many times has this happened previously and what kind of Mustang mischief was caused by other happy-go-lucky test-drivers.