U.S. France, and Britain Bomb Syria In Response To Chemical Attack

On Tuesday, April 4th, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against civilians outside Damascus, killing at least 42 adults and children. After this happened, President Trump reacted by promising to exact a “big price” on the Assad regime. Later, the U.S. and allies discussed how to respond to such an attack and on Friday, April 13th, bombs were dropped on three targets: a research center, a storage facility, and an equipment facility and command post all related to Syria’s chemical weapons program.

These places were targeted because they were viewed as very important outposts for the weapons program, and were attacked in hopes of halting the program. However, the strikes didn’t take out all of Syria’s chemical weapons facilities, which means Assad could use chemical weapons on civilians again in the future.

On the night of the bombing, President Trump stated that the US was prepared to sustain this response until the Syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents. Although, if they continue using the chemical weapons, it seems as if it could lead to some sort of war.

Russia was also involved in this, but they were on the opposing side. Russia warned of consequences following the strikes, calling it an act of aggression.

“These strikes are an act of aggression that could have a destructive effect on the entire system of international relations.” said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Now that this has happened, all we can do is hope that we don’t end up seeing more chemical attacks that could lead to something much more devastating. We’re already on the brink of nuclear war with Russia, and attacking their allies could prove fatal.