The First Rule of Fight Club

This week there has been a fight every day. It also followed to the next week to make a total count of seven fights. Palmetto is turning into teammates and best friends turning against each other. These fights are over looking at someone sideways or over a relationship. These are not things we should be fighting over. They can certainly be handled by confronting one another instead of it turning into violence. Most of the seven fights did not last long. Maybe not even three minutes because of our administration being so quick to catch on to the fights. Palmetto is quick to run and form a circle when a fight is supposed to happen. This makes it obvious for our administration to be aware of what is about to occur in front of them.

Palmetto has a rule to where if you are engaged in the fight, you automatically get ten days of out of school suspension. This rule has stopped some fights from occurring but it has not stopped everyone.

How many fights are going to occur this week?