U.S National Guard Sent to Mexico Border

Earlier this month Trump issued an executive order to send U.S National Guard to the Mexican border. Over 250 soldiers have already been sent and Arizona plans on sending over 150 troops over the next couple weeks. There will be approximately 2,000 troops at the border to regulate the intake of Mexican illegal immigrants.  The troops at this point are unarmed but if in time it comes to a point they will use their training to an extent. Their mission at this time is to just keep tabs on what is happening at the border and do not have any instruction to arrest people that are trying to cross over into the U.S. No information has been released The L.A Times stated, ” The order, issued in response to President Trump‘s call for using troops to stem illegal immigration, specifies that National Guard troops will assist the Department of Homeland Security along the border but not perform law enforcement missions and will be armed only when necessary for self-defense.” Stating this may hinder the amount of migrants trying to cross the border because of repercussions of the National Guard sitting at the border.



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