Rampage hits the theatre April 13, starring the well known actor Dwayne Johnson, better known as “The Rock.” The acti0n and adventure movie features Dwayne Johnson and his pet silverback gorilla, George. This unshakeable bond between the two includes love, but also lots of humor. Everything was going great in Chicago, when all of a sudden the world takes a turn for the worst. George, becomes infected with a dangerous pathogen causing him to hit an extreme growth spurt. Because of the relationship George has with Okoye, the two are able to communicate. Two other surprises come along the way in trying to help George. Davis Okoye played by Dwayne Johnson, a primatologist and Dr. Kate Caldwell played by Naomie Harris, a geneticist team up to stop the giants from destroying Chicago. Go see Rampage now to see what happens to Chicago. Will George’s normal size be restored?