Bandaids are the new bras?

A local Manatee County high school has been in the headlines recently for a rather odd dress-code encounter with one of their students. 17-year-old Lizzy Martinez showed up to Braden River High School in a dark grey shirt and no bra, the morning of April 2nd. Lizzy was called into the office during her fifth period and was told that her breasts were distracting other students in the class and that she needed to put another shirt on underneath the one she had on. She was then asked by administration to move around to make sure that her breasts were more concealed. Administration was still not satisfied and sent her to the clinic where she was given band aids to cover the “distracting area.” Braden River administration has come out and apologized for the way they handled the situation, but this is now raising questions on the proper way to handle these types of situations. Students at Braden River planned a protest in response to the way Lizzy’s situation was handled. Girls are to show up with no bra on and clip it to their backpacks, while boys are supposed to tape band aids over top their shirts to cover their nipples. This protest is staying fairly constrained to just Braden River and no other high school in the area has had any similar issues since the incident happened. This scandal has only triggered discussion about the limitations on female dress code and what it is teaching young girls. Many rules in the dress code are open for interpretation, so those will most likely be changed in the upcoming years.