Leggings: Comfortable yet Inappropriate

Leggings are skin tight pants that used to be worn to work out in. They have became very popular across the world to where women wear them to show off their figure. They have been taken out of control with the amount of people who wear them for the wrong purposes. I understand that everyone wants to be confident with their body or feel out there when they wear pants like this but wearing leggings to be confident is not the best reason.

Everyone likes to wear the different color Nike leggings and also the leggings that are see through  in some spots. Why is everyone trying to act like they are ‘thick’ when they are not. Why can’t they just wear the leggings that have patterns on them for the holidays to wear with a long shirt. They are appropriate for every outing and are also adorable at the same time. Instead of people buying these they are wearing skin tight leggings with a short shirt or short jacket to show their body off.

There is no one that is the exact same size as some one else. I do not think they should not be worn but I do think they should be worn for a comfy reason. Everyone has that one pair of clothing that they love so much. In this instance leggings have become the new thing. Every one gets mad because leggings are not in the school dress code and they do not understand why. They are skin tight and are being worn for the wrong purposes. Every girl knows what I am talking about.

I love leggings, they are so comfortable but I wear them because they are comfy. I do not wear them out in public because I do not feel comfortable wearing them around a bunch of people and getting them to talk. They would be in the school dress code if every teenage girl did not over use them and wear short shirts like crop tops or short jackets. If we were appropriate with what we wore to school then they would consider putting leggings into consideration.


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