Not Ghetto Palmetto

Recently, as many are aware, Palmetto High has been gifted with a technology grant. With this grant, teachers who do not have access to a ceiling projector received smart TVs. The 65 inch smart TVs have taken over many Palmetto classrooms. This grant has allowed Palmetto to take a step in the right direction and offered many new opportunities. Alongside with the TVs, we have welcomed a new app, Schoology, which has become the new educational Facebook for students. The technology being welcomed to Palmetto is very user friendly and easily accessible.

“I like the new TVs. They are easy to use and easy to integrate into the classroom,” said Palmetto teacher, Ms. Dowell.

The technology is loved by many teachers, but also disliked by some. But to most, the TVs offer new learning strategies that could not have been used in past years. How are they used? The TV is connected to the teachers’ computer wirelessly. This way, there are not wires running across the classroom, which was the problem many teachers were having without the ceiling projectors. Though the TVs are a hit, many students wonder why the money wasn’t used for simple necessities like toilet paper and soap. The answer to that is because the grant that was given was specifically for technology, the school could not use the money for anything besides technology.

Welcome to the new “Not Ghetto Palmetto.”