2018 Winter Olympics: Mixed Doubles Curling

This year in the 2018 Winter Olympics, the bronze and gold medals were recently won for mixed doubles curling. Curling is a sport in which the players slide stones on ice towards a target which is sectioned into 4 circles. The sport stretches all the way back to the 16th century in Scotland. Curling was first added to the Winter Olympics in 1924. In the most recent game of Mixed Doubles for the Bronze played on February 12th, the OAR (Olympic Athlete from Russia) faced Norway, and won the Bronze with a score of 8-4. The OAR team is also a happily married couple as of last summer.

“It’s very important that we are family… the fact that we are family helped us a lot,” said Bryzgalova, the female curler of the duo in an interview with global news. Although the OAR team lost in a previous game to Switzerland, they were so thankful to come back and win the Bronze for the first time for Russia’s doubles curling team.

The Mixed Doubles Gold Medal game was just recently played between Canada and Switzerland. Canada won the gold with a 10 to 3 win. John Morris and Kaitlyn Lawes, the two curlers from the winning team, are also a couple. Morris and Lawes had never played together before the Canadian trials. With an easy win against Switzerland, the two proved to be a great duo together and the fans were ecstatic about the win.