Bomb Threats at BCS

Early Friday morning, February 9th, a 24 year old man by the name of Jason Kadeem Wilkinson drove up to Bradenton Christian School and started to shout at the students. He shouted at the students that he would come back and detonate a bomb on the schools campus. Officers a well as administration attempted to confront the man but he was able to speed away before they got to him. Security cameras were able to get pictures of Mr. Wilkinson as well as his license plate. The man was later arrested but sent many schools in Manatee county into lockdown and sent some scares to the parents of the students at BCS.

“Most of my classmates were very calm about the whole situation, even to the point of making jokes. But there was definitely an underlying sense of fear of what if the guy was actually going to attack the school and there was nothing we could do about it, said sophomore at Bradenton Christian Dylan Cunard.

Even though BCS did have threats sent to the school, many of the students were not able to comprehend the fact that there was a man threatening to blow up the school. Even schools across the river were able to feel the affects of what was going on at BCS. Palmetto Charter as well as Family Life Community School both went into lockdown because they have at one time been a Christian school. It is absurd that some of the students at BCS were able to start to make jokes about the bomber as the entire school was on lockdown.

“I could feel the atmosphere of the school become more tense as the day went on,” said freshman at Bradenton Christian Haddon Poppell.

As the day went on at BCS, the entire school started to become more scared. They started to become more scared because they didn’t know what was going to happen next or if the man was actually going to bomb the school. The entire event just sent the school into shock and left many of the students and administrators worried and hoping they would just be able to stay safe and see their families later that day.

“While I have been at PHS, I have never heard about any bomb or shooting threats,” said junior Michael Santello.

This quote does prove that private schools are not alway the safest bet. Palmetto High has only been on lockdown once this school year and it was for an event that happened several miles off campus. Palmetto High has a great security team and is able to keep the campus safe. Bradenton Christian also has great security because the man was never able to make it into the building or do anything to the campus. This shows that no matter what school you go to, you need to be aware of what is going on at all times all over campus. Jason was taken into custody just hours after he made the threats. This always shows that when someone creates a threat, they  do not always follow.