Schoology: Coming to a Classroom Near You

Schoology is a learning system for grade levels k-12. It has been introduced to Palmetto High School by our site representative Colleen Maynard. She has held meetings on campus for our staff members to get to know the site in order for them to be able to introduce it to our students. Students are able to download the app and turn in their assignments through the app. Teachers can make a class and give their students the code. They use this to assign their students work and make it easier on them to have everything in one spot. Students are able to see how other students are responding or teachers can make it private to where only they can see their student responses. Schoology has made a big impact on Mrs. Maynard’s students being able to respond to her prompt essays she assigns.

“It is a great way to connect to your teacher online.  It’s like facebook, but for school work,” Senior Abby Hamm.


It is easier to improve on the unit when you have other students work to help you have a better understanding. Math teachers are also using this app. Schoology is becoming well know and making it easier on teachers and students.