Philadelphia Eagles Victorious Over Patriots

The 52nd Super bowl took place on Sunday February 5th’ 2018. The Philadelphia Eagles won their first every super bowl against the Patriots. The Eagles defiantly upset the five time winning champing Tom Brady. With the two teams combined they shattered the record for the most yards ran in any NFL Game with 1,151 yards. Fans that did not care for either team did not jump on the Patriot bandwagon because they were tired of seeing them win everything and they finally got the karma they deserve for getting caught cheating. Even though other teams have cheated there were tons of people despising the Patriots causing it to be a great thing for them to have gotten caught. The Eagles went into the game relaxed and ready no matter who lined up under the center, who toted the ball or who blocked up front. They were always ready to move the ball. They took advantage of Brady’s mistakes that hurt him in the end. Even though New England lost their 33 points is the most scored in a loss in Super Bowl history. The game ended one point short from tying the highest scoring super bowl in history. The miss-kicks led to an unusual score of 41-33.