The Greatest Showman

The greatest showman is a 2017 musical that celebrates the birth of show business. This movie became an unlikely hit. It was a piece of pure entertainment. It has built their audience as the movie has been released for a while now. This movie is based more towards the audience of Marvels. The film used “its fire, it is freedom, it is flooding open” shows how it revolves around the circus aspect of the different acts the greatest showman performed. Himself as a character started this performance when he was rejected of finding a home in the circus, until he went and launched his own new theatre in New York City. He went around gathering people with different talents, as well as physical disnormalty. He held the audition as extremely tricky but it was set by Jackman’s delight at the parade of humanity. It brings people in to be able to perform their talent and be themselves for once. I thought the movie was slow at first but I highly recommend watching it. It greatly shows someone getting pushed away from their dream and working from the bottom in order to create a future of their own.