Texas School Shooting Allegedly Over Breakup

It was a normal Monday morning in Italy, Texas until something unexpected happened. On January 22, 2018 a shooting occurred at Italy High School. A 16 year old boy walked into the cafeteria early that morning and fire multiple shots from his a.038 caliber semi- automatic handgun at a  15 year old girl. The 15 year old girl was said to have just moved to the school district a few months before this occurrence and had dated the suspect briefly at one point in time. The victim was airlifted to a hospital shortly after the shooting and the 16 year old boy was taken into custody, as well as the handgun being recovered and taken in by police. This 16 year old boy also has a history of violence in school. He has been reported by other students in different occasions. One occasion, when the boy was reported making a hit list in eighth grade. Another reported incident, last year, he threw a pair of scissors out of anger. His violent past may have been a persuading factor in this shooting.  Luckily, no one else was shot or injured. The 16 year old was charged for two acts of aggravated assault. After this incident, many of the community members met at a local church and prayed for the young teen girl.  It was said that the 15 year old girl was recovering well and in good spirits. Italy High School was not expecting this event and was lucky to have been able to take the 16 year old boy in to custody without incident.