California is getting LIT

Since last week, Southern California has been in flames scorching everything in its path. In the last week, over 1,000 different structures have been turned into ashes. This is the fifth largest wildfire in the state of California. Thousands of firefighters have been working 24 to 36 hour shifts trying to bring peace and some fresh air to the southern area of California. Because of these tragedies, California is getting lit.

The wind has played with the firefighters as well as working against them. The 30 mile per hour gusts have helped enlarged the flames to the size of New York City. Due to how large the flames are, the firefighters have only been able to control 20 percent of the blazing fire. This fire is making history throughout California as well as our entire country.

Please give your respect to those who have lost their homes, businesses, and loved ones. California’s heroic firefighter are giving their best foot forward trying to destroy this new “everlasting” flame.