The Year of the Tiger

It’s November and that means fall sports are back in session! Palmetto High School has a very good sports program and are very excited to get their fall sports back into full swing. Palmetto High’s fall sports consist of both boys and girls basketball, weight lifting, and soccer.

This year Palmetto’s weight lifting team has had more girls try out than they have had in many years. The tigers are anxious to see what they can do and how they will do being able to enter meets with more girls. They are also ready to see how far their boys can take them.

The Tiger’s soccer teams, both boys and girls, had many students tryout and have picked teams they feel they will have a successful season with. In addition to the weight lifting and soccer teams, the boys and girls’ basketball teams have had tryouts and are now preparing for the games lying ahead. All four sports, coaches and players, are ready and anxious to see how far they can go this season.

This is said to be the “Year of the Tigers” and Palmetto would like, very much, to live up to the standards that have been set for them this year. Each sport will continue to practice and get better as the season goes on and prepare for the games and teams that are lying ahead. Palmetto High School would love if everyone came out to support and see what they can do! Let’s make this year the “Year of the Tigers”!