The Justice League Falls Short at the Glory of Marvel

                                ***SPOILER ALERT***

While DC’s previous movie Wonder Woman was a massive hit, the newest movie “The Justice League” was lame in comparison. Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Diana Prince was fantastic as always, and even the other members of the group had great acting, even though their characters will never be as cool as Wonder Woman. However, the minimal attention given to the characters’ background, basic storyline, and the extreme attention to Superman, cost the movie any high ratings.

The Flash was played by Ezra Miller, who made Barry the funny and awkward guy the group needed, while the resident bad boy Aquaman was played by Jason Mamoa. Batman continued to be his broody self, with Wonder Woman being perfect, as expected. However, virtually no background was given on any of the characters. We knew Wonder Woman’s story due to her movie being released earlier this year, and we of course know Batman and Superman’s stories based on their long lines of films, but the other members of the League were sidelined. We know some of Barry Allen’s (The Flash) family life, but we know nothing of how he got his powers, why he is in hiding, or anything to do with his life since his father’s conviction. In Cyborg’s case, all we know is that he was in an explosion, and his father saved his life with this cool power box that can also destroy planets when put with the other two cool boxes. However, the most disrespect was shown to Aquaman. The clip that did show where he was from was minimal, and gave no reason as to why he was forced out of Atlantis, why he is helping some fishermen, why he joins the Justice League, and so much more. Since Aquaman is such an interesting character, so much could have been shown about his backstory. The movie only showed one scene of Atlantis, and it was not even one of the cool parts. DC better give this man a movie to show his background like Wonder Woman, and it better be done right. In my opinion, they should use the same director used for Wonder Woman, or literally anyone that has read the comics and knows the story. It is not like there is nothing to work with, there hundreds of books based on these stories. READ THEM MR. DIRECTOR.

Aside from the lack of a background story, The Justice League is also missing a decent storyline. The random resurrection of Superman undermines the entire plot to defeat Steppenwolf as a team. Bringing in Clark Kent before they defeat him makes the rest of the team appear incompetent. The director shows Wonder Woman, a literal demigod, as useless. We all know Wonder Woman could have taken him down. If the movie had introduced Superman after they had defeated Steppenwolf, they would have shown the power the team has already, and then the added support of Superman. But because Superman shows up early, they make the movie all about him, which leads to my next grievance, the extreme attention given to Superman.

Superman is cool, I am not denying that, but this is THE JUSTICE LEAGUE, not “Superman saves the day and oh yeah these guys are here too.” The storyline makes it appear that the entire League would have lost if it was not for Superman, which may have been true; however, they did not win solely because of Superman. I understand the need to bring the group together, but that could have been done after Wonder Woman beat this wolf guy up. Along with that, they minimalize the group’s teamwork. Superman appears with a “Is this guy still bothering you?” As if Wonder Woman is a helpless damsel instead of a demigod. Then Superman beats him up with ease, and saves the day yay! This nonchalant defeat of Steppenwolf by Superman with a slight help from Diana makes the entire ending anti-climactic.

Not to mention, the movie also looks a tad bit like they are trying to copy Marvel Comics with a similar storyline. Use of a magic object to give life like the Avengers: Age of Ultron, having a funny scene show right after the end credits are done, and the team being divided on an issue but coming together in the end. Sound Familiar?

In conclusion, I do not recommend spending actual dollars going to see this movie, but if it happens to be on TV, give it a shot because Wonder Woman is still cool and the Amazons make an appearance.