Seminole Heights Serial Killer

Ever since October 9th, the Seminole Heights area has been filled with terror due to a potential serial killer being on the loose. There were three murders that occurred in the span of 11 days and the fourth one happened this month. The Tampa police have had many people call in with details about the murderer and have been provided with camera footage, but they cannot seem to locate him. They have informed people to be on the lookout for an African-American male with a lighter complexion who is around six feet tall and has a slim build. Whoever finds him and provides the police with information leading to his arrest will be given a reward of over 100,000 dollars.

The first victim was Benjamin Mitchell, who was found dead on North 15th Street at Frierson Avenue. He was waiting for a Hillsborough Area Regional Transit bus when the killer approached and shot him. On October 13th, Monica Hoffa’s body was discovered within half a mile of where Mitchell was found. Not even a week later, Anthony Naiboa was shot within a mile of where the others were murdered. Ronald Felton was the fourth and hopefully final victim. He was shot a few blocks away from a memorial that was set up for the others who lost their lives because of this criminal.

“We don’t need speculation, we don’t need profiles, we just need names,” said Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan.

If this madness continues, it’s hard to say how many more lives will be taken by this heartless monster. The police have been searching the area where they believe he is located, but so far they haven’t found anyone who appears to be the suspect. It will most likely end with someone turning him in and claiming the reward or law enforcement taking him down in a potential shootout.