Mourning the Loss of a TIGER: Jorge Liberato

Recently, a loved member of our tiger family passed in a car accident. Jorge Liberato was a kind-hearted young man who had a big future awaiting him. September 15, Jorge was driving on State road 62 when a Nissan Frontier, driven by 66-year-old Michael Galligan, failed to maintain his lane while heading West. Resulting in him to hit 18-year-old Jorge, who was heading East at the time, head on causing him to travel off the road and onto the shoulder. Jorge was taken to Tampa General Hospital where he later died. Galligan was not wearing a seat belt and also died. Being one of JV’s starting offensive linemen, he was very respected and an important member of the team. Jorge was a role model, not only for the football team, but for everyone surrounding him. Jorge’s positivity radiated and he could warm up a room by just walking inside, even when days were rough, he persisted through the hard times and set an amazing example for the whole team. Jorge was slow to anger and always had a smile on. Jorge is an amazing example of why we should not take our lives for granted, because nothing can last forever. Jorge will forever be in our hearts.