An Exciting New App!

Everyone has been raging about the tbh app. Let’s see what this exciting new app is all about! Tbh is where friends tell you what they like about you. And no–they don’t roast you like other apps. The Tbh app is and Sarahah combined–but less mean. Tbh is short for, “to be honest”. It became popular overnight. It now has more than 2 million daily users and has been the #1 free U.S. IOS app for more than a week, passing YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram. The thing is… Tbh is only available in a limited amount of states. Tbh is currently not available on Android. Unlike Sarahah, which is an app that helps you discover your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner, tbh is not a sewage-disposal of toxic gossip and petty savagery. Tbh is aiming to be the anti-Sarahah. The app only allows its users to say supportive things about other users. How does it work? #1: Add your friends. #2: Answer polls anonymously. #3: Get gems when you get picked. When you are picked, it’s anonymous. When you earn a gem, you receive a compliment.

Tbh saves all of the answers, so you will always be able to see the love thrown your way. Tbh only allows you to answer 12 questions every hour to leave you thirsty for more questions.

“The next milestone is thinking about social platforms in terms of love and positivity,” the tbh team said.

Bullying is a terrible thing in life. The tbh app is like a little support group helping your confidence grow. You could receive a compliment that you never thought you would ever get. This app will make it big. Who doesn’t like positive comments? Don’t just stand there, download the tbh app!