Steelers Pay Their Respect

Alejandro Villanueva plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers Football team. He is a former Army Ranger and felt that he should walk out during the anthem and show his respects for the ones who are still fighting in the army. He did not think there was going to be a picture of just him blocking out the rest of his teammates. They were all standing for the pledge while Alejandro walked forward and was noticed.

“I made my team look bad,” said Alejandro Villanueva.

Everyone took this picture a different way but a lot took it as he was the only one standing for the anthem and the rest of the team was in the locker room. That was not what occurred. The incident was not planned it was done on accident. Alejandro wanted to see the flag before the game and did not want to move before the game started.

The Steeler’s  had other reasons to be angry on the field. They played flat against Chicago. Based on the different pictures that have been published with different angles shows a different perspective of the Steelers football team. On Sunday when they played Baltimore they did not want any confusions so they made sure the whole team was being seen standing for the national anthem. While there were signs being held saying ‘Don’t be a jerk, stand up.’ The Steelers fans are angry about what happened and are making sure the team and faculty know about it.

“I expect our team will be on the field like they were prior to last Sunday, last Sunday was the first time, you now we have ever had any kind of incident with regards of the anthem. It’s over as far as I am concerned,” said Rooney on CBS Sports.

Everyone is going to have a different opinion on what happened Sunday at the game regarding the anthem incident. As Rooney said it is in the past and is over as far as he is concerned. Wise words that incidents do happen whether there is evident to back it up or not.