Onslaught of Earthquakes in Mexico Leave Many Homeless and Scared

There has been three earthquakes in Mexico in the past month, and it has been devastating to the country. The magnitude of these earthquakes range from 6.1 to 8.1 and the one in the middle, 7.1, being the most impactful. This 7.1 magnitude earthquake took a total of 333 lives and injured another 5,404, located in the countries capital, Mexico City. After the most recent earthquake, 6.1 in Oaxaca, thousands were left without homes due to the massive amount of aftershock damage to the already weakened buildings.

“Since [September 7th] it has not stopped shaking,” said Nataniel Hernandez (credit: theguardian.com)

The series of earthquakes caused loss of power to 327,000 homes and businesses but thankfully, power was restored soon thereafter. As the aftershocks begin to hit less and less, people are left without homes and wondering what’s next. Since the earthquakes tore through Mexico, the majority are left struggling to find shelter or even a way to get to said shelters as gas pipes are damaged and streets are clogged with debris. There are some help efforts, such as Red Cross Mexico, who are on the ground in Mexico looking for possible survivors in the rubble of buildings, providing first aid where they can and also food and water to whoever needs it.

Mexico needs as much help as they can get in this time of distress, and you can donate to the cause here:

Anything will help Mexico right now, and they need all the help given. As these people are losing loved ones, their houses, and sense of security, all we can do is try to help. Our love, support, and prayers go out to Mexico in this unforgiving time.