NCAA Basketball Dirties Name With ADIDAS Scandal

Global sports marketer for Adidas and four assistant coaches were recently accused and arrested for the act of bribery.  Chuck Person of Auburn University, Lamont Evans of Oklahoma State University, Emanuel Richardson of the  University of Arizona, Anthony Bland of the University of California, and lastly Global Sports Marketer James Gatto were all caught on account of bribe.  It was said that the four coaches were taking bribes between $13,000 and $100,000 to convince players to hire certain managers. One of these managers being Christian Dawkins, a former recruiter for ASM. Gatto was accused of paying families of star, standout high school players to sign to two different universities whom had sponsorship deals with the apparel store of interest. Along with Gatto, were other advisers including Merl Code and Jonathan Brad Augustine. Their plan was that the player they bribed would get enrolled into an Adidas sponsored college and then sign to Dawkins and or Munish Sood and sign to an Adidas sponsorship deal when they went pro.  Upon Gatto’s accusation, Adidas was said to know nothing and was unaware and would fully cooperate. Along with the four coaches, Louisville, Miami, and many other colleges are undergoing investigation.

All people involved in this scandal could face many years behind bars and have cost many of them their jobs . The Universities affiliated  are very disappointed and shocked by  the news of this scandal. Investigations are still underway and the news is shocking the companies, people, and colleges along the way.