Kylie Jenner Pregnant?

When TMZ broke news that reality t.v star, Kylie Jenner is pregnant, pop culture stopped and all eyes were on Kylie. Soon after TMZ broke the story, the news quickly spread through the whole online community, and it became all anyone was talking about. Allegedly, Kylie is five months pregnant with a girl from her boyfriend of less than six months, Travis Scott. This baby would be a first for the millionaire social media influencer, and Travis Scott. While many do believe that Kylie is pregnant, there are some who feel the baby is not hers. There is speculation that the baby is in fact, her sister Kim’s. In early September, news broke that Kim was three months pregnant via surrogate, but the identity of the surrogate was not announced. Being that no one knows who this mystery surrogate is, naturally Kylie being pregnant led people to think she is generously carrying Kim and Kanye’s third child. It is common knowledge that the family is close-nit. This along with the timing of Kylie’s pregnancy makes this theory somewhat believable, even though it has not been confirmed.

  Along with speculation, jokes about the 20 year olds pregnancy immediately came after. These jokes ranged from memes criticizing Kylie wearing a waist trainer to comparisons of the “old” and “new” Kylie, debating on which the baby will look like. It is noteworthy though that through all of this, Kylie has still neither confirmed or denied the pregnancy, so there is no way of knowing whether anything has validity.