The Wrath of Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma has taken its toll, hundreds of thousands of people have been left without power, running water, and some have even lost their homes to flooding. Thousands of people in Manatee County either lost power or have lost water throughout the time of the storm. With 42 casualties, this has left many families hopeless as well as devastated with losing a loved one.

“Irma’s Death toll has risen to 42, but will now,” said

It is devastating to see Florida as well as may other countries south of the United States get trampled by the wrath of Hurricane Irma. The 42 people that have died have all been located in the state of Florida, over 25 more have passed outside of the United States. You can not help but feel bad for the families that have lost loved ones or even homes due to this recent natural disaster.

“Everything is underwater, everything,” said

This is a very true statement for many in South and East Florida. Storm surges have completely destroyed lower floors of homes with flooding rising up to 6 feet in some part of the Keys. Miami streets were underwater. Everywhere you look, streets and houses are destroyed just because of how much water a single storm can produce. Stay safe, and do not get caught in all of the flooding.