Behind the Jake Paul Hate

Jake Paul is a former Disney Channel star, current YouTuber and Team 10 leader. With over 10 million subscribers to his channel and a large younger fan base, you would assume he would try to be a better influence to his audience. However, his actions continuously show his immaturity and lack of good decision making. Paul is said to be a bully by multiple accounts. One, being his former classmate Bruno Bush who reacted to Jake Paul’s hit “It’s Everyday Bro” saying “my mom back in fifth grade said he’s a bully and he won’t get anywhere in life, my literal fifth grade bully now…”, said Bruno. Paul was also emotionally abusive to his ex girlfriend, Alissa Violet. Cheating on her constantly and expecting her to act like it was okay. Also, dissing her in his “Its Everyday Bro” track.

In February 2017 Jake kicked Alissa out leaving her homeless. Jake moved on pretty fast with fellow team 10 member Erika Costell. The two married in Vegas as one of Jake’s many “pranks”. It’s these crazy pranks of his that he’s so famous for. Another one, being the time he has set a mattress on fire in his backyard. “We’re not even that loud. Like, yes, we had a furniture fire get out of control in our backyard one time, but that didn’t harm a single person,” said Paul. In addition to this house disturbance, he also leaked his address and fans would show up at his home everyday and what was once a quiet family neighborhood became one big meet and greet.

Jake isn’t very popular to his neighbors. One of his neighbors tells the KTLA newscast that “he’s a terrible neighbor and there are families that live here… We’re more than happy to let them live here if they’re respectful to their neighbors but they’re not”. His neighbors are even considering a Class Action Lawsuit. Paul didn’t like all the bad attention he was getting and he and the team 10 moved to a new house. For several different reasons, Paul is receiving hate from viewers over media. However, maybe he isn’t all bad. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Jake started a Hurricane Harvey Relief fund and even rescued a family of 7 from their home. Despite many things he has done, he showed compassion and humanity in this act of kindness. But is that enough to make people forget his actions in the past?